When the Dinobots Took the Super Bowl

Alright so this post digresses just a little bit from my intention of this blog being a deep and inspiring avenue for you intellectuals to find insight into life, but I need to talk about this nonetheless. We are in post-Super Bowl day. Everyone is talking about football terms that sound like French or Japanese to me. When it comes to these conversations I like to say “that touchdown though!” and then walk away….. The real conversation is about the commercials. Yes corporations spend ungodly amounts of money to have their best marketing tactic put on display for millions of people on Super Bowl Sunday. I like to keep up with trends and what everyone is talking about, so I watch as well. This is where I tell you about the best Super Bowl commercial.

However, I can’t tell you the best Super Bowl commercial, not fairly at least. I loved the reunion of Seinfeld and Full House, and of course the puppy and horse from Budweiser kept me in tears all night. Once I saw the preview for Transformers: Age Of Extinction though, my mind was blown. Being an avid Transformers fan I am absolutely and completely biased, but that doesn’t matter. This sequel steps up the intense action and hugeness that Michael Bay is known for. You see the appearance of Dinobots in this preview. Yep. Transformers 4 will bring in Dinobots. For those of you unfamiliar with what that is, just wait until June 27. This brings me back though, to my discussion of Super Bowl Commercials.

transformers aoe
I intended to write a post about the best commercials, but I was blinded by robotic mechanical mayhem. It’s like when Kate Upton walks into a bar. Now, you know you have no chance, her presence is irrelevant. Just as a movie preview is kind of irrelevant in the scheme of Super Bowl commercials. However, now that Kate Upton is in the room all other females in the bar look ugly or mediocre. The standard got raised. Pistachios aren’t going to stand up to the intensity of Optimus Prime. The cute brunette in the corner isn’t going to outshine Upton’s radiant beauty. Now, before I actually come across as offensive, I will interrupt this metaphor by saying that I would always choose Optimus Prime over Kate Upton. Sooooo…… Just watch the preview!!!

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