Life is Defined by Moments

Life. Is defined. By moments. Certain moments change us and form us into our future selves, our intentional selves, even our unintentional selves and the beings we are meant to be. As I sit here and reflect on the past few years, many of those defining moments have occurred. I recently graduated college, placing a defining moment on my life timeline. Relationships that have come and gone, friendships created and broken all are a part of this unique line that draw my life. When I say life timeline I’m not referring to a Facebook page or Twitter feed either. This is a line of time in space, that is my life. Your life.

Consider your life, your legacy, as a picture. A shape you are drawing. As each line has to curve or bend, these moments are what change the direction of your pencil. Many people get scared and intimidated by these defining moments and life changes. However without them, our lives would just be a straight line. One unchanging path. To avoid monotony, soul deadening monotony, we must have these moments. I know many people don’t need constant stimulus and intense lifestyles to find joy, but that’s not what keeps us from monotony.

Monotony in life comes from nothing changing. No growth. No advancement. No learning. This means staying in an entry level job all your life. This means never meeting new people and making life building friendships. This means never finding true love. As I move forward, I am working on making a complete career change from the only job I have ever known. Going from one world to another. It’s times like these that change us for the better. Whether we move forward to a good place or bad, it teaches us. Every time you have a negative experience you realize things you dislike. Whether you try a new menu item at your favorite restaurant or take a promotion that you aren’t well-suited for, you learn about yourself. Take these things to heart, because they mean something.

In moving to a new career, I will learn things I want and need, or things that I definitely don’t want and can’t stand. Either way it chips away at things I was unsure of in life, and defines who I am and what I want. Every moment you learn something is a moment that makes you unique and molds your personality. No one else will go through quite the same experience as you or experience it the exact same way. Everyone has a different history and a different point of reference.

The more you learn then the more you understand yourself and the world around you in general. These learning moments help us see our true selves. As you begin to see the truth in the world through the clouds of dust, dust from you carving through the mess of learning, that’s when the definition comes out. Same as when you wash your car and bring out the shine. When you clean your house and find twenty dollars. There is reward and joy in breaking through the clutter. There is understanding, and with understanding comes power and peace over your mind and your life. Life is defined by moments.

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