In response to this writing prompt challenge, I have a different interpretation of ice, water and steam. Ice, water and steam are a reference to us, you, the self, being the same thing but in different forms. Now some could take this as past, present and future. This division of yourself into different areas of time does, most likely, show you very different versions of yourself, but lets not look at it like that. Ice, water and steam aren’t the forms of yourself in an evolution of time, but forms of yourself that may show themselves at any time.

Think for a moment of your true self. The person deep down behind the daily mask you put on. Maybe you’re not sure who this person is, but it’s there, and it’s frozen there for now. Solid as ice. No matter what state you’re in, this matter is always in place.

Water. Liquid. It takes the form of whatever you put it in. It’s a state you enter during two completely opposing times in your life. You are water when you are changing. You could be in a new opportunity, in a new environment, and the ice has melted and you’re uneasy, but you’re changing to your surroundings before you can solidify again. It’s exciting and terrifying. You flow into whatever you have the opportunity to.

Or, the water is because you’re broken. Water flows into a giant puddle, quick as the streams of water running down your face. Life has heated, and melted everything you knew, including yourself. You’ll freeze back, but the ice won’t be the same. It will have picked up more dirt, more dead insects; but it will freeze stronger. All those loose particles of life you picked up, only tighten the bond of your molecules. You’re something new, something dirty, and something better.

Steam. Where can you go with steam? Well, steam rises, and it surrounds us in the atmosphere. Once you’ve turned to water, for better or for worse, you may just heat up even more and turn to steam. You may be evaporating into nothingness and filling the environment around you, looking down on the world you once knew. Don’t lose sight of what is really going on though, you’re rising. This steam might be because your water can’t take the environment, or it could be because you’re moving above what’s below you. This might be a struggle, an opportunity or an old version of you. You have moved beyond it though, and once all is said and done, life will cool down, and the self will relax into it’s new state. Once your world has settled, and the temperature has relaxed, you’ll go back to water, and then back to ice.

No matter what state you’re in, you are still made up of the same self, and in the end you’ll still be. Maybe you’ll be a better, stronger one, but your ice will always. Remain.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”


  1. We maybe ice, water, or steam at a certain time but it does not matter as long as we are getting better as a person, it is a cycle and at every ceycle it is still us, the same person.

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