Rising Star: Zella Day

“Keep me from the cages under the control. Running in the dark to find East of Eden..”
East of Eden-Zella Day

Somehow Meg Myers and Lana Del Rey conceived a child together and they named her Zella Day. This mysterious pop/alternative artist is on her way to stardom. With her emotional and broken lyrics over heavy electronic instrumentals, her sound is (and no pun intended) hypnotic. That and she only has an EP out.

Zella has found an audience in Kansas City, where she has regular airplay on alternative radio. It’s only a short time before we don’t have her anymore though, and she becomes a regular on pop radio and finds herself in your iPod. Her hit song “Hypnotic” is catchy and sexy and leaves you wanting more. She is a folksy artist with a mainstream sound and is headed down a road paved by the likes of Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers. Lets take away the studio then, and sit her down with just an acoustic guitar.

Zella Day as an acoustic artist is raw and breathtaking. Honestly, “Sweet Ophelia” is much better as an acoustic song. Day takes her music and reinvents it for acoustic performance, which is how a true artist performs. I can’t say enough about her acoustic cover of “Seven Nation Army,” that’s something you just have to hear.

What’s really cool about her is the versatility. Listen to “Compass” and the well thought our lyrics and hook that paints a picture. Hypnotic isn’t complicated with overly introspective lyrics, it’s raw emotion put from pen to paper which is what makes it accessible and will enable Zella Day to become a pop sensation. It’s obvious she’s a talented and deep artist exploring the dark realities of life and love.

Featured on the Insurgent soundtrack and performing at SXSW, she is getting credit she deserves. Fortunately she does have a full album set to release this June. She is currently on tour, making this perfect timing as she is gaining acclaim, getting her name out there, and about to have a new record in the charts. If you happen to be in Kansas City on July 25, check her out at Buzz Beach Ball. Until then, jump on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify and get to know this artist before you get left behind.

Featured image via picksysticks.com

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